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Worlds Finest 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Pro Touring! – $159,900

Worlds Finest 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Pro Touring! – $159,900

You’ve got to appreciate the guys who go all-out on a custom car build, ignoring costs and chasing a dream. This 1968 Camaro convertible is such a car. Packed with so many custom items and delivering performance more akin to a new Z06 Corvette than a vintage F-body, it’s a cost-no-object build from the pros at Littlefield Customs. Spectacular in every regard, from the paint, to the potent LS3 under the hood, to the trick all-independent suspension, this car has already won a ton of major awards, and is absolutely the fastest, nastiest, most beautifully built early Camaro anywhere, at any price.

The stunning two-tone charcoal gray and root beer brown paintjob has to be seen in person to be believed – literally, as there are also ghost stripes on there that are almost invisible in the photos. The body of this original Camaro was taken down to bare steel and rebuilt almost at the molecular level. New quarters were installed and fitted so well that the seams are all but invisible. Extra time was invested in getting this car to fit together extremely well, and the doors open and close more solidly than any new car I’ve experienced. The paint is two-stage urethane, of course, and the break between the colors is crisp and clean, with no camouflage needed, a testament to the skill of the painters. Obviously there’s a lot of metallic and pearl in the paint, and the net effect is a car that shimmers in the sun and seems to change color as you walk around it. And the combination of the charcoal gray and root beer is innovative – you simply won’t see another car like this anywhere, and people respond to it in a way that we haven’t seen since we finished “Maximum Effect.”

You can check out the car on eBay: Auction #280750962242


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