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Rumored Oshawa Shutdown – Backlog Of Unsold Units Really?


Since the launch of the 5th gen Camaro, sales numbers has been soaring. It’s no question that it is a dedicated hit with Camaro faithfuls and  new enthusiast. The question is: does the new 2014 style not satisfy new and existing owners in the current market? Or could it be that the long hard winter on the East coast hinder all sales of multi units of the brand?

We received a email this morning from a member asking us why is Oshawa shutting down? We put our thinking caps on and asked around… Rumor has it that the plant will be temporarily shut down by the end of the week. It will resume for a couple of weeks, then by the end of the month it is scheduled to prepare for another halt in production. It is projected to resume again in the middle of April. Again, this is based off of rumors, so we shall see….




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