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Tire Pressure Sensor Reset – DIY

Tire Pressure Sensor Reset (Do It Yourself) (2010-2011)

* Update for 2012 Camaros – read the update at the end of this post on how to do this on your 2012

Here is a quick guide to reset/recalibrate your sensors and save $50-$100!

Recently I upgraded my 2011 Camaro 2SS/RS from 20″ stock wheels to the 21″ factory upgrade option.  I bought them used and they included the wheels, tires, lugs and pressure sensors.  After a few miles of driving on the new setup, I got the following warning on the dash:

Once I got home I did a little research on how to reset/recalibrate the sensors myself and I was pleased to learn you could do this without any special tools.  Here is how I was able to recalibrate my sensors:

    1. Press the “Menu” button on your turn signal lever
    2. Change the display on the dash until tou see the tire pressure information
    3. PrPress the “Set” button on the end of your turn signal lever to start the
      recalibration. It ask you if you would like to start the recalibration, select
    4. The horn will sound twice informing you the process has started
    5. Start with the driver front tire and release 3-4 PSI, the horn will sound once
    6. Go to passenger front tire, release 3-4 PSI, the horn will sound once
    7. Go to the passenger rear tire, release 3-4 PSI, the horn will sound once
    8. Go to the drive rear tire, release 3-4 PSI, the horn will sound once, and then
      twice to signal sync is complete
    9. Check the dash to confirm the “Service Tire Monitor System” message has cleared
    10. Refill the tires to the proper pressure

* With a manual transmission the emergency brake has to be on
* The turn signal of the tire expecting to be learned will be illuminated

This took me about 5 minutes and it worked perfectly.  Hopefully it will work for you as well, saving you the $50-$100 that a dealership would have charged you to reset the sensors.

* update – here is a video of the sensor reset on my Camaro

* I did this with the stock Chevy sensors on a 2011 Camaro 2SS/RS, but I believe this will work with most sensors on 2010-2011 Camaros.  The 2012 Camaro requires a tool to reset the sensors.  The tool can be found here:

Below is a photo of a 2012 Tire Pressure screen.  Notice the “Press Set/Clr to Relearn” is no longer an option.


2012 UPDATE by “Skuttduck” from – THANKS!!!!!

I was able to program the TPMS on my dad’s 45th anniversary Camaro doing it the same way as my 2010.

Somethings I noticed.

Even though the TPMS screen does not say press Set/Clear, if you hold it, it will ask if you want to reprogram, and go to the program mode.

I took note of the summer tires TPMS settings.

The turnsignal light for the tire wanting to be learned will be illuminated just like on the 2010 model. I had to do this twice to learn the tires, as the left rear did not take the first time around.

It appears that instead of losing all the sensor info, it will only lose the tire you didn’t program.

I also had to run to each of the tires, as the time period to program was not nearly as long as the 2010 model.

So what I did was we had each of the LS wheels pumped to 40psi, (they had the GM OEM TPMS) then took off every valve stem cap, and let out 5 seconds of air on each until the car honked and moved to the next tire.

The first time around I didn’t have the valve stem covers off, and the program period ended on the left rear tire. Instead of showing a reading of nothing it showed the old summer tire value.

My dad has been driving the Camaro around for the last two days without any error messages.

I hope that helps someone! So even though GM took it out of the menu it still looks like you can initiate the program sequence. I hope this isn’t “fixed” or tuned out, as I don’t think we should have to go to the dealer and perhaps have to pay money for something a competant user can do themself.



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