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Will GM Listen To Camaro Enthusiasts – Will Hugger Orange Make A Return For 2019?

CamaroNews – The long lost question? Will GM bring back the famous Hugger Orange from the 1960’s & early 1970’s. There has been some buzz for weeks that with the upcoming hinted Refresh, we might get some new colors. We have been hearing on and off from enthusiasts that they want hugger orange. We talked to many Camaro faithful and the result we got was 7 out 10 camaro fans want hugger orange to make a return. Ford has done it with many colors with large success in their sales figures. Now this photo pops up and yes we think it’s photoshopped, but boy does it really make you think how good it would look on the new Camaro and Camaro ZL1! GM & Team Camaro don’t tease us like you did with krypton green knowing you were going to built it and you wanted us to beg, well we wanted to beg anyways. Camaro faithful if you really want hugger orange. It’s time to start letting them know…… YES IT”S TIME TEAM CAMARO!! BRING BACK HUGGER ORANGE IN 2019!!!

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